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About us


International Precious Metals Limited is a company integrating and operating both downstream and upstream covering all aspects of the global precious metals industry. The company exists to create access for its clients to knowledge and capability in the metals industry. From in-ground resource to engineering and processing, to bullion trading and  vaulting.

IPM provides support, advisory and trading services to its clients. IPM covers technology, resource valuation, consultation, engineering, environmental management, project management and metals trading. IPM provides access to unrefined precious metals through to investment grade bullion.


Members of International Precious Metals include :

Mr. John Vakis



Mr. Colin Copeland

Mining & Resource


Mr. Andrew Harvey

Finance Director



Mr. Brian Tinniswood

Process Design & Metalurgy

Mr. Craig Sohail

Investor Relations



Mr. Simon Ashenden

Logistics, Operations & Security


Mr. Dominic D'Souza

Technology Networks